Beverages and Desserts

Cold Drinks
Coca Cola; Coke Zero; Sprite; Sprite Zero; Fanta Grape; Fanta Orange, Cream Soda, Tab

Tizers & Ice Teas
White/Red Grapetizer; Appletizer; Peach Ice Tea; Lemon Ice Tea

Mineral Water
Surgiva: – Still or Sparkling 250ml R15
Surgiva: – Still or Sparkling 1L

Fruit Juices
Mango; Orange; Passion Fruit R20
FRULATA – Mango; Orange; Passion Fruit

Vanilla; Chocolate; Coffee; Strawberry

Filter; Espresso R15
Latte; Cappuccino (foam or cream) (decaf available)

Five Roses; Rooibos


Piccola’s Black Out Chocolate Cake

Tiramisu R30
Italian Kisses R25
Ice Cream: Vanilla/Chocolate, and home-made chocolate sauce R30
Chocolate Ice Cream with Sour Cherries & Ströh Rum R40
Don Pedro’s & Special Coffees,(Liqueur of your choice – price per 25ml) R40
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